NSW Big Fishing Summer

This summer will be busy along our coastal and inland waterways. Here are three ways that will help make your fishing summer the best it can be:

1. Pay the recreational fishing fee

When fishing in NSW waters, both freshwater and saltwater, you are required by law to pay the NSW Recreational Fishing Fee and carry a receipt showing the payment of the fee.

You can pay the fee at Service NSW or at your local fishing shop. Remember your fishing fees are placed in Recreational Fishing Trusts and used to improve your fishing.

Find out more about the recreational fishing fee.

2. Know and understand the recreational fishing rules

Know bag and size limits before you go fishing. Bag and size limits apply to help ensure sustainable fisheries.

The easiest way to know your bag and size limits is to download the Fishsmart app. We’ve created the Fishsmart app to provide fishers with all the essential information they need to fish in NSW.

Download the Fishsmart app to learn more about recreational bag and size limits.

3. Fish safely and responsibly

Being respectful and courteous toward others means everyone’s fishing experience will be the best it can be.

Take all rubbish with you and please pick up rubbish even if it is not yours. Be COVID safe and make sure you’re social distancing.

Only take the fish you need and release the ones you don’t. If you suspect illegal fishing please call the Fishers Watch Phone Line on 1800 043 536 or report it online.