Annual Competitive Grants Program

Overview of 2018-19 program

The NSW Government has developed a scientifically-driven Shark Management Strategy (SMS), involving innovative approaches to provide the most effective protection against shark interactions at NSW beaches.

The SMS runs for five years and includes provision for annual competitive grants. This is the third year that Annual Competitive Grants is being offered. Grant funding will support projects which align with the key objective of the NSW SMS ‘to increase protection for bathers from shark interactions while minimising harm to sharks or other animals’.

Available funding

A total of $200,000 is available under the Shark Management Strategy Grants Program for single year projects. Funding for individual projects would generally not exceed $50,000. Proposed projects should be developed as 1-year in duration, but extensions may be considered for promising research and development.

Who can apply for funding?

Anyone can apply for a SMS grant including technology developers, researchers, organisations, educational institutions, businesses and individuals. Grants are open to national and international applicants, and joint applications are encouraged.

What phase of development is supported for technology-related projects?

Grants to support advances in technology will cover projects in the research and development and field demonstration phases (see EOI guidelines). Projects that are solely review-based, or focus on improving commercial readiness and commercial viability of existing technology will not be considered.

What are the key areas for funding?

Key areas for funding which align with the NSW SMS objective are:

  1. Personal shark deterrents (e.g. protective wetsuits, small electrical and magnetic devices)
  2. Area-based shark deterrents (e.g. electrical or other types of barriers)
  3. Shark detection methods (e.g. sonar technologies, shark recognition software)
  4. Shark biology relevant to interactions with humans (e.g. sensory systems)
  5. Socio-economics of shark-human interactions (e.g. changes in human behaviour and perceptions following implementation of particular approaches) (This is the PRIORITY FUNDING AREA for 2018-19)

Examples of relevant technologies can be found on the NSW DPI website and in ‘Shark deterrents and detectors: review of bather protection technologies’ (2015).

Guidelines and application forms

To apply for a SMS grant, applicants will first need to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form. The EOI includes a project summary which is reviewed by the Director Fisheries Research and an Independent. Selected applicants will then be invited to complete a full application which will be reviewed by the SMS Grants Advisory Panel.

For further details please refer to the Guidelines for Completing EOI for SMS Annual Competitive Grants Program 2018-2019 and EOI application form.

Successful Annual Competitive Grants

Two rounds of successful Annual Competitive Grants have been offered:

Further information

Contact NSW DPI: