Shark Observation Grant Program

The NSW Government has committed funding of up to a total of $200,000 for new observation towers on beaches or beach headlands for effective shark spotting.

Observation towers are not only useful for spotting sharks, they are also useful for spotting people in distress and for offering a clear line of vision when there is a big swell. Note, funding is not available for jet skis.

This funding is managed by DPI through a grant application process.

Who can apply

Applications for funding are sought from groups like surf lifesaving clubs or local councils interested in installing observation towers in coastal areas of NSW. Joint applications are also encouraged.

Applications may be for mobile structures or to compliment fixed observation tower projects.

Who decides how the funds are spent

The Deputy Director General DPI Fisheries will receive advice from a Technical Assessment Panel that will review all applications to identify the most beneficial according to the evaluation criteria and make recommendations for funding priorities.

All eligible applications will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria set out below.

The evaluation criteria listed below is in no particular order, is not exhaustive and may be weighted according to the requirements of DPI.

  • Number of beachgoers at the beach annually
  • Lack of existing observation facilities at the beach
  • Number of sharks sighted in the past two years and frequency of sightings near swimmers
  • Number of hours the tower will be in use annually
  • Level of funding requested and funding from other sources
  • Whether provision is made for the ongoing maintenance of facilities by applicant
  • Spread of grants along coastal areas of NSW and between applicants.

How to apply

Applications for the Shark Observation Grant Program for 2018-19 can be submitted no later than 5pm, Friday, 23 November 2018.

Download the package to complete your application