Olive perchlet

Olive Perchlet. Photo: Gunther Schmida

Western Olive Perchlet - Ambassis agassizii


Olive Perchlets are a small native fish that occur in both eastern (coastal) and western (Murray-Darling) drainages, but these populations may be genetically distinct. The western population of the Olive Perchlet was once widespread throughout the Murray-Darling system of South Australia, Victoria, western New South Wales and southern Queensland. This population has suffered a serious decline and is now found only at a few sites in the Darling River drainage.


Olive Perchlets can grow to about 70-80 mm but are more commonly less than 60 mm.


Olive Perchlets have an oval shaped body with a moderately large mouth, very large eyes and a forked tail. They are usually semi-transparent, with dark-edged scales forming a distinct pattern. The fins are generally clear, although there is often a broad, blackish band along the edges of the pelvic and anal fins.

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