Haswells caprellid

Haswells Caprellid. Illustration: Takeuchi & Lowry 2007

Haswells Caprellid - Metaprotella haswelliana


Haswells Caprellid was first described from a specimen discovered in 1882 in Port Jackson. The species has also been recorded at Port Phillip Victoria and Emu Point Western Australia although has not been recorded in Southern Australia despite targeted research for over 35 years.


This is a very small marine amphipod, only a few milimeters long.


Haswells Caprellid could be equated to a very small preying mantis, although a creature of the sea. Haswells Caprellids attach themselves to algae and seaweeds where they prey on small organisms moving past in the water. Caprellids also brood their young.

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