COVID-19: Border crossing information

Last updated: 27 Nov 2020 12:04pm

COVID-19 and Cross Border management

Conditions are changing, and you need to seek advice from the relevant state or territory.

It is vital that individuals and communities remain vigilant and continue to follow health and safety guidelines and maintain physical distancing. For more information see the industry guidelines for COVID safe workplaces or visit the NSW Government COVID-19 website.

NSW/Victoria border

Residents, workers and visitors can now cross the NSW-Victoria border without a permit of exemption.

Public Health Order (PHO) changes

Two PHO changes came into effect from 12.01 am on 23 November 2020.

What this means:

There are no border restrictions in place between NSW and Victoria from 12.01am on 23 November 2020.

There is no requirement that NSW residents returning from Victoria or ‘Victorian education visitors’ quarantine when they arrive in NSW from 23 November.

Anyone who arrived in NSW before 23 November, and had been in Victoria in the 14 days prior to their entry into NSW (and not overseas except NZ) and who:

  • was in quarantine because of being in Victoria, can leave quarantine at 12.01 am on 23 November, or
  • was subject to an exemption under the Border Control Order or Air Transportation Quarantine Order, is no longer required to comply with any condition of that exemption (e.g. self-isolation) from 23 November.

Anyone who had a permit to enter NSW (ie a person allowed to enter NSW even though they had been in Victoria) is not required to comply with any condition of that permit (e.g. self-isolation) from 23 November.

NSW / Queensland border

Latest updates to Queensland border restrictions:

From 1.00am Tuesday 3 November 2020, the Queensland border zone has been removed.

New South Wales residents or visitors that have not been in a current COVID-19 hotspot in the last 14 days are able to travel anywhere in Queensland and stay for as many nights as they like. They must still complete an electronic border pass before travelling. There are 32 greater Sydney Local Government Areas listed as COVID-19 hotspots and all of Victoria is still considered a hotspot.

The class exemption that commenced on 22 August 2020 for farmers and agribusiness workers needing to move between Queensland and New South Wales hotspots to perform essential agribusiness services or farming activities has been extended until 11.59 pm on 31 December 2020.

To enter Queensland under a class exemption, you will need:

Farmers and agribusiness workers may also need to complete a written Border Declaration Pass at the border before entering Queensland.

Read more about the border restrictions.

NSW / South Australia border

The NSW Minister for Health has signed a Public Health Order to implement a Travel Declaration.

This means that if you've been in South Australia in the last 14 days and you're wanting to travel into NSW, you're required to complete an NSW entry declaration form.

NSW is not closing the border with South Australia but are asking people coming to NSW from South Australia, by whatever mode of transport, to complete a declaration form that enables contact tracing if required.

When to complete an entry declaration form

People will need to complete an entry declaration form each time they enter NSW, but not more than one per calendar day.

You can complete this entry declaration:

  • within the 24-hour period before entering NSW, or
  • when you enter NSW.

There will not be checkpoints at the NSW-SA border, but you will need to be able to produce your declaration if requested, and to produce it when travelling from SA to NSW via air.

SA areas of concern

Anyone who has been in South Australia since Friday 6 November should regularly monitor the SA Health alert page for areas of concern and follow the advice of SA Health, and immediately self-isolate if they have been to any venues where this is advised.  This includes NSW residents.

Travellers who are not NSW residents who have visited any of these areas of concern will not be permitted to travel to NSW until the 14-day period has elapsed.

Non-residents wishing to transit through NSW will be allowed to do so, provided they take the most direct route and can do so in a way that poses no risk to others.

The form will be distributed to South Australian travellers arriving at NSW transport hubs such as airports, and in areas such as Broken Hill which is a high-traffic location.

The Government of South Australia’s website has more information on both cross border travel and travel restrictions.

NSW / ACT border

For up to date information on border restrictions, visit the ACT Government COVID-19 website.

Northern Territory border restrictions

Interstate travel require a Border Entry Form, you must apply up to 72 hours before travel. For up to date information on border restrictions and travelling to the Northern Territory, refer to the Northern Territory Government website.

If travelling from a COVID 19 hotspot, travel restrictions apply.

Western Australia border restrictions

For up to date information on border restrictions, visit the Western Australia Government website or G2G PASS.

Tasmanian border restrictions

For up to date information on border restrictions and travelling to Tasmania, refer to the Tasmanian Government coronavirus page for travellers and visitors.