Local Government Area suspensions

To improve the management of wild deer, minimise their impact on agriculture, the environment, economy and local communities, and allow more options for control, blanket suspension orders for eight Local Government Areas (LGAs) with large populations of wild deer are in force from Friday, 2 June 2017.

One suspension order is already in force in the Port Macquarie Hastings LGA, taking the total number of LGAs with deer hunting regulations suspended to nine.

LGAs with suspended deer hunting regulations are:

  • Bega Valley
  • Glen Innes Severn
  • Liverpool Plains
  • Port Macquarie Hastings
  • Snowy Monaro
  • Snowy Valleys
  • Tenterfield
  • Upper Hunter
  • Wollongong.

Suspending the normal regulations that apply to deer hunting allows NSW game hunting licence holders to hunt in ways that would otherwise be prohibited,such as:

  • removing the requirement to hunt certain species during a defined season
  • use of spotlights or electronic devices
  • hunting of game fleeing fire or smoke
  • use of aircraft, watercraft or motor vehicles
  • use of baits, lures or decoys
  • hunting at night.

Each suspension order covers private and other lands within the LGA. However, any public lands that are declared and open for hunting within the LGA are not part of the suspended area.

Start of suspension: Friday, 2 June 2017
Expiry of suspension: Monday, 1 June 2020

A blanket suspension is also in force for the Port Macquarie Hastings LGA to support the activities of a local wild deer management working group.

I'm a landholder who wants assistance from licensed hunters to manage deer

If you are a landowner or manager of property within a suspended LGA, you are able to call on licensed, reputable hunters for support in managing wild deer on your land.

For each suspended LGA, DPI administers a hunter register and a landholder register. Hunters must nominate which of the eight areas they are available to hunt in and landholders may view the hunter register for the LGA their property is located in.

To access a hunter register for my area:

FORM EDM-LAH: Landholder application to access the hunter register(PDF, 144.04 KB)

I can put my name on a landholder register for my area:

FORM EDM-L: Application for listing on an EDM landholder register(PDF, 44.88 KB)

I'm a hunter who's willing to assist landholders manage deer

If you hold either a NSW General or Restricted game hunting licence, and you would like to help landholders manage wild deer, you may apply for a listing an LGA hunter register or for access to an EDM landholder register

To access a landholder register for each area:

FORM EDM-HAL: Hunter application to access the landholder register(PDF, 147.05 KB)

I can put my name on a hunter register for my area:

FORM EDM-H: Application for listing on an EDM hunter register(PDF, 155.91 KB)