Ecological Deer Management in NSW


Ecological Deer Management (EDM) assists private landholders and public land managers in managing wild deer populations through structured assistance from licensed and reputable hunters.

In NSW, although wild deer can cause damage to environmental, agricultural, economic and cultural values; they are also a popular game species, highly valued by hunters.

Management of wild deer herds is best achieved by tailoring a detailed plan for a particular herd and its’ ecology on a particular land area, followed by adequate resources to carry out the plan.

EDM leverages the volunteer resources of licensed hunters to achieve specific goals set out in wild deer management plans.

Topics include:

    A silhouette of two deer with the words Ecological Deer Management

  • What is Ecological Deer Management?
  • Deer hunting regulations in NSW
  • How EDM can help
  • EDM on private or other lands
  • EDM on declared public land
  • Planning, research and coordination
  • More information


Primefact 1524 First Edition

Published: 01 Jun 2017