How to suspend deer hunting regulations


In NSW, special rules apply when hunting wild deer. These rules recognise that deer are a valuable resource to both hunters and landholders and allow sustainable management of established populations.

If you are a landholder or manager, or group representative, you can apply to suspend the normal deer hunting regulations.

Topics include:

    A silhouette of two deer with the words Ecological Deer Management

  • Deer hunting rules in NSW
  • Do I need a licence to hunt deer?
  • Special rules for deer hunting
  • Ecological Deer Management
  • How do I suspend the regulations?
  • Support for wild deer management plans
  • How do we decide?
  • How long does it take?
  • When a suspension is approved
  • Do you need licensed hunters to help?
  • Why use hunters licensed with DPI
  • Report illegal hunting


Primefact 1461 Second Edition

Published: 01 Jun 2017