Hunting wild deer in NSW


In NSW, wild deer are a game animal, which means that special rules apply when hunting them. These rules recognise that deer are a valuable resource to both hunters and landholders and allow sustainable management of established populations.

Those seeking to hunt deer in NSW must hold a game hunting licence, either General (G-Licence, for private land only) or Restricted (R-Licence, for public land, including private land).

Topics include:

  • Do I need a licence to hunt deer?
  • What species of wild deer are in NSW?
  • NSW game hunting licences
  • Rules for hunting wild deer
  • How to manage wild deer in NSW
  • How can EDM help?
  • Suspend the regulations
  • How to find licensed hunters
  • Report illegal deer hunting.


Primefact 1467 Second Edition

Published: 01 Jun 2017