Night time pig hunting on public land

Several NSW State forests that are declared for hunting allow night time hunting of pigs using dogs. As most hunting on public land is during daylight hours only, night time hunting of pigs is subject to special conditions and firearms cannot be used or be present in the vehicle.

Special conditions

Night-time hunting of pigs using dogs on declared public land is permitted from 30 minutes after sunset through to 30 minutes before sunrise (unless 'not allowed' appears in 'Other Specific Conditions' on a Written Permission), subject to the following conditions:

  • Licence holders must operate as a team, minimum of two (all hunters must possess a valid NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence and a valid Written Permission for the area being hunted).
  • Licence holders must carry a torch, UHF radio and GPS device loaded with current mapping data.
  • Each hunting dog must have a form of illumination attached to them.
  • No firearms are to be carried on the hunt (including in the vehicle).
  • No spotlights (an artificial light source powered by 4.5 volts or more) are to be used on the hunt.

Regulations for hunting pigs using dogs

Schedule 1 of the Game and Feral Animal Control Regulation 2012 sets out the general conditions that apply to any hunting of pigs using dogs on public land:

  • Dogs must only locate, hold or bail pigs;dogs must not be allowed to maul or kill pigs and hunters must take all necessary steps to ensure that their dogs do not inflict unnecessary pain on the pig.
  • A licence holder hunting alone must not use more than three dogs for locating, holding or bailing pigs.
  • A group of licence holders must not use more than five dogs for locating, holding or bailing pigs.
  • Dogs must be microchipped; be wearing a collar with a metal tag or label attached which shows the name, address and telephone number of the owner of;the dog, and must be wearing a radio tracking collar or be on a lead.
  • The licence holder using the dog must ensure it does not chase any other species of animal.
  • The licence holder must not leave or abandon the dog on public land.

Code of Practice

Read the Hunters' Code of Practice.

Licence holders must abide by the Hunters' Code of Practice at all times.

The final item (8) specifically relates to hunting using dogs:

8. Use of dogs

Dogs and other animals may be used by licence holders, but only if:

  • their use is not in contravention with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979; and
  • their use is with the permission of the occupier of the land concerned.

Night time pig hunting forests

The forests listed below are subject to seasonal or operational closures.

A valid Written Permission is required to hunt in these forests and must be carried at all times while hunting (either digitally or physically), along with a valid NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence.

Billapaloola State forest
Bodalla State forest
Bombala State forest
Bondi State forest
Bondo State forest
Bruces Creek State forest
Buckenbowra State forest
Bungongo State forest
Campbell's Island State forest
Canobolas State forest
Carabost State forest
Cathcart State forest
Coolangubra State forest
Coricudgy State forest
Craigie State forest
Currowan State forest
Dampier State forest
East Boyd State forest
Glen Allen State forest
Glenbog State forest
Glenwood State forest
Green Hills State forest
Gurnang State forest
Hanging Rock State forest
Jenolan State forest
Koondrook State forest
Mannus State forest
Micalong State forest
Moruya State forest
Mullions Range State forest
Mundaroo State forest
Murragulderie State forest
Nadgee State forest
Nalbaugh State forest
Nowendoc State forest
Nullica State forest
Nundle State forest
Nungatta State forest
Pennsylvania State forest
Perricoota State forest
Pilliga East State forest
Pilliga West State forest
Red Hill State forest
Riamukka State forest
Roseberg State forest
Sunny Corner State forest
Tallaganda State forest
Tantawangalo State forest
Timbillica State forest
Towamba State forest
Vulcan State forest
Wandella State forest
Wee Jasper State forest
Yambulla State forest