Get permission FAQ

Why this app?

The Get Permission app is a central location to store your hunting permissions, simplifying your record keeping requirements. The app also makes it easier for you to show that you are compliant with legislation covering entry onto private lands, hunting and firearms.

Which devices are compatible with the app?

You need a device running:

iOS 9.0+
Android 4.4+

The Get Permission app for Android and iOS was designed and built for phones, iPads running iOS 9.0+, and Android tablets running 4.4+.

How do I get the right OS on my Apple device?

The Get Permission app supports iOS 9.0+. To learn which operating system version you're running, see iPhone, iPad, iPod: How to Find the Software Version.

To learn how to update your iOS software, see Update Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Can DPI or police see the information I store on the app?

No, the Get Permission app was designed as a resource for hunters and landholders, not as a way to monitor hunting on private land. DPI, NSW Police and other agencies do not have access to any of the data.

As we do not administer the app, support questions should be directed to

I'm a hunter; do I have to use this app?

No, it's not compulsory to use this app. It's simply provided as a convenient way to request permission from landholders and maintain a useful log. You may also record your permission to hunt in other ways, depending on what's best for you.

You should continue to carry your physical firearms and hunting licences (if applicable) and be prepared to produce your permission if you are asked by a NSW Police Officer or other authorised person.

I'm a landholder; do I have to use this app?

No, landholders do not have to download and use this app to approve or revoke permission requests from hunters. A hunter may enter your mobile phone number or email address and you can manage each permission using links provided in the text or email.

However, you have greater control over managing permissions if you use the app yourself.

How to link a hunter's permission to your copy of the app

Once you have downloaded the app, check the My profile screen to find your App User ID.

Give this User ID number to hunters who request permission from you. If a hunter uses your ID, it means the permission will be stored in your local copy of the app (as well as the hunter's) and you can use the app to edit or revoke the permission.

Is it compulsory to store my vehicle and licence details in the app?

No, you are not required to store your vehicle information or licences in the app. You may choose to do so for your own convenience, however storing this information does not change the requirement for you to carry physical licences.

Can I share an approved permission with someone else?

Yes, you're able to share your approved permissions across a range of channels. Simply locate the Share button at the end of the permission approval screen.

iOS users - you'll be able to choose whether to email. SMS or share your permission to social media.

Android users - a new email will open in your default mail client, populated with the email address attached to your user profile. You'll be able to update the address to forward to a different email.

I've accidentally deleted the app - can I still access my permissions?

No, if you delete the app, the permissions history log will be deleted too. Each permission is stored locally within the app and there is no way to retrieve them if deleted.

We recommend you send a copy of each permission to your email, using the Share option, so you have a record of each permission should you lose your phone or delete the Get Permission app.

How do I report illegal hunting?

To report illegal hunting, phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use their online form.

Remember, in an emergency always call 000.

What is Shut the gate on illegal hunting?

Shut the gate on illegal hunting is an awareness campaign developed by the DPI Game Licensing Unit in partnership with the NSW Police Force.

Shut the gate gives hunters, landholders and local communities the tools to quickly and easily report illegal hunting incidents through Crime Stoppers, gathering the types of information that assist authorities to investigate illegal actions and plan targeted compliance programs.

For more information go to the Shut the gate on illegal hunting web page.

Where can I get information about hunting managed by DPI?

The DPI hunting website ( is a central source of information about all types of hunting that are managed by DPI.

You can also refer to the NSW Game Hunting Guide, which is a detailed publication that condenses the same information available on our website.

You can download a copy of the guide or email to request a copy. If you apply for a game hunting licence, you'll be sent a copy when the licence is issued.

Where do I find more information on hunting native species like kangaroos?

Hunting of native species such as kangaroos is managed by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage. Visit their website for more information.

Do I need a licence before I hunt on a property I've got approval for?

No - game hunting licence not required on private land Other requirements
Feral pig, Feral goat, Fox, Rabbit, Hare, Feral cat, Wild dog (other than dingo)
Common starling, Common or Indian myna, Feral pigeon
Yes - General or Restricted Game Hunting Licence Other requirements
Deer Fallow, Red, Rusa, Sambar, Chital, Hog, Wapiti Permission
Native game ducks Australian shelduck or Mountain duck, Australian wood duck or Maned duck,
Black duck or Pacific black duck, Blue-winged shoveler or Australasian shoveler,
Chestnut teal, Grass whistling duck or Plumed whistling duck, Grey teal,
Hardhead duck or White-eyed duck, Pink-eared duck, Water whistling duck,
Wandering whistling duck or Whistling or Wandering tree duck
Native Game Bird Management Program
(must have available quota and
property allocations)
Other native game birds Quail - Brown, Stubble
Pigeons - Common bronzewing, Crested
Native Game Bird Management Program
(no quotas - do not hunt)
Other game birds Bobwhite quail, California quail, Guinea fowl, Partridge, Peafowl, Pheasant, Spotted dove, Turkey Permission

Check the Hunting licences and Game and pests pages for more information.

I'm a hunting guide - can I use this app to store my client's permission as well as my own?

No, it is only possible to add personal details and create a login for the person requesting or receiving the permission request.

I've got a NSW Restricted Licence; can I use this app for my State forest permissions?

No, this app is for private land hunting permissions only.

R-Licence hunters need to apply online for permission to hunt and follow special rules such as carrying a copy of their written permission at all times and downloading hunting and exclusion area maps.