Maragle fallow deer hunting ballot

Balloted hunts: Thursday, 1 March 2018 - Thursday, 31 May 2018

  • Registrations invited between Friday, 1 December and Sunday, 31 December 2017
  • Ballot draw: 10.30 am Friday, 12 January 2018

Maragle South State forest is a highly sought-after forest known for deer hunting. It's popularity with hunters means that online bookings are sometimes hard to secure.

The Maragle fallow deer hunting ballot helps ensure all R-Licence hunters have a fair and equal opportunity to hunt this forest during the peak fallow deer hunting season.

Online bookings for Maragle South are closed for the ballot period. Normal online bookings apply for hunts up to Wednesday, 28 February (approved species only - remember, fallow, red and wapiti deer may only be hunted from 1 March) and from Friday, 1 June 2018.

Ecological Deer Management rules apply to Maragle South State forest during the legal deer hunting season (1 March to 31 October each year) and apply to all balloted hunts. This means R-Licence hunters must abide by special EDM conditions as well as game hunting licence and State forest conditions.

About balloted hunts

  • Each ballot period is four days.
  • Five Written Permissions are available for each period.
  • There are 23 ballot periods available for allocation and therefore a total of 115 Written Permissions.
  • Hunters are able to nominate a first and second preference from the 23 periods.
  • The only group hunts available this year are for youth hunts.
  • All adult hunters must apply as an individual, unless they intend to hunt with a minor for educational purposes.

Who can apply?

Only individuals who hold a NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence (including minor R-Licences) may apply for the ballot.

To qualify

  • R-Licence holders who enter the ballot must complete the additional online training for hunting in State forests before the ballot draw.
    • Additional online training - complete the two online modules (navigation and Written Permissions) and acknowledge the State forest signs briefing.
    • If you are drawn in the ballot, but have not completed the additional training, your place will be given to the next allocated hunter who has completed the training.
  • Normal booking rules apply - each licence may only have two concurrent Written Permissions and no more than one outstanding harvest return.
    • Make sure you have no more than one booking attached to your licence at the time of the draw (preferably none) - if you already have two bookings in the system, we are unable to issue a Written Permission for any hunt you secure through the ballot.
    • Check if you have any outstanding Harvest Returns by logging in to Online services. We will be unable to issue a Written Permission for any hunt you secure through the ballot if you do not complete your Harvest Returns from previous hunts.

Youth hunts

Two Written Permissions are reserved for youth hunts in three ballot periods:

  • Period 5: Saturday, 17 March - Tuesday, 20 March
  • Period 12: Saturday, 14 April - Tuesday, 17 April
  • Period 14: Sunday, 22 April - Wednesday, 25 April.

One Written Permission is allocated to an eligible youth holding a minor's Restricted Game Hunting Licence and the other is allocated to an adult holding a standard Restricted Game Hunting Licence. The minor hunter must always hunt in the company of the fully licensed adult hunter according to the conditions of their licence.

Minors are not restricted in applying for the youth hunt periods only and are able to make a general registration for any other period. However, registrations for the specific youth hunts offer a higher chance of being drawn.

2018 Ballot periods

Period 1Period 2Period 3Period 4
Thursday, 1 March -
Sunday, 4 March
Monday, 5 March -
Thursday, 8 March
Friday, 9 March -
Monday, 12 March
Tuesday, 13 March -
Friday, 16 March
Period 5 (youth)Period 6  Period 7Period 8
Saturday, 17 March -
Tuesday, 20 March
Wednesday, 21 March -
Saturday, 24 March
Sunday, 25 March -
Wednesday, 28 March
Thursday, 29 March -
Sunday, 1 April
Period 9Period 10Period 11Period 12 (youth)
Monday, 2 April -
Thursday, 5 April
Friday, 6 April -
Monday, 9 April
Tuesday, 10 April -
Friday, 13 April
Saturday, 14 April -
Tuesday, 17 April
Period 13Period 14 (youth)Period 15Period 16
Wednesday, 18 April -
Saturday, 21 April
Sunday, 22 April -
Wednesday, 25 April
Thursday, 26 April -
Sunday, 29 April
Monday, 30 April -
Thursday, 3 May
Period 17Period 18Period 19Period 20
Friday, 4 May -
Monday, 7 May
Tuesday, 8 May -
Friday, 11 May
Saturday, 12 May -
Tuesday, 15 May
Wednesday, 16 May -
Saturday, 19 May
Period 21Period 22Period 23 
Sunday, 20 May -
Wednesday, 23 May
Thursday, 24 May -
Sunday, 27 May
Monday, 28 May -
Thursday, 31 May

How to register

All hunters must register online using the Eventbrite link.

Register for the ballot

How to register for a youth hunt

The adult R-Licence holder must be the Primary applicant.

  1. Click Register from the event page.
  2. Select Group.
  3. Ignore the text field and click the blue link to Create group.
  4. Enter a group name (we suggest using surnames) and click Create group.
  5. Click Register.
  6. Click Checkout.
  7. Complete all fields on the registration form. Ensure you tick that the registration is for a youth group and enter the group name in the text field.
  8. Click Complete registration.

Second applicant (minor R-Licence holder).

  1. Click Register from the event page.
  2. Select Group.
  3. Start typing the group name in the text field, As you type, group names should appear in a drop-down menu. Select your group name.
  4. Click Checkout.
  5. Complete all fields on the registration form. Ensure you tick that the registration is for a youth group and enter the group name in the text field.
  6. Click Complete registration.

Terms & conditions

  • The ballot draw will occur at 10.30 am on Friday, 12 January 2018.
  • The draw will be live-streamed across the DPI Hunting YouTube channel.
  • All hunt allocations are final and not transferable.
  • Successful hunters will be notified by phone and email, commencing Friday, 12 January and in the week commencing Monday, 15 January 2018.
  • If successful hunters are unable to attend, they must give at least 14 days notice before their allocated hunt period.
  • If your registration is drawn in the ballot, and where your first preference is not available, you will be allocated your second preference. If your second preference is not available, you will be allocated any available period between 1 March and 31 May 2018.
  • If you are unable to hunt in any allocated period, your successful position will be given to a hunter on the reserve list.
  • We will post a Balloted hunt Written Permission pack to successful hunters. The pack will include a permission, wild deer tags and EDM information.
  • You must attach a wild deer tag to any buck harvested during your allocated period as well as remove the lower jawbone according to the EDM conditions.
  • Hunters must observe their Written Permission conditions, Ecological Deer Management special conditions, all rules applying to State forest hunting as well as the rules governing this ballot.

Ecological deer management

Maragle South State forest is an Ecological Deer Management (EDM) forest. This means special conditions apply to the number of fallow bucks hunters harvest, among others.

Successful hunters must:

  • Observe all EDM conditions as well as their Written Permission conditions.
  • Submit the lower jawbone of any fallow deer harvested.
  • Attach a Wild deer tag to the antlers of any fallow buck harvested. Tags are issued to successful hunters with the ballot Written Permission.
  • Submit a photo of any buck harvested with their Harvest Return, either printed (using the reply paid envelope in the ballot pack) or emailed.

More information

If you have any questions about the ballot, contact our Education and Training Team: or 02 9842 8351.

2017 ballot statistics

No. of Written Permissions available 115
Total no. of ballot registrations 714
No. of eligible ballot registrations 661
Registration error rate 8%
No. of individual hunter registrations 368
No of group registrations 173
No. of youth hunt ballot registrations 7
Chance of drawing a Written Permission 22%
  • 13 periods were comprised of one group with three individual hunters.
  • Nine periods were comprised of two groups with one individual hunter.
  • One period was comprised of solely individual hunters.
  • 53 Written Permissions were issued to individuals.
  • 62 Written Permission were issued to groups.
  • In two of the three youth periods (5, 11 and 14) a group from the main ballot was also successful.
  • One youth group was successful in the main ballot, in addition to the three successful youth ballot groups.