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  1. Biosecurity (Boneseed) Control Order 2017

    Primary Industries Notices. 2. Biosecurity (Boneseed) Control Order 2017 under the Biosecurity Act 2015 1. ... Name of Order. This Control Order is the Biosecurity (Boneseed) Control Order 2017.

  2. Biosecurity Act 2015 No 24

    Biosecurity (Banana Bunchy Top Virus) Control Order 2017 (PDF, 299.3 KB). ... Biosecurity (Boneseed) Control Order 2017 (PDF, 157.2 KB).

  3. Weeds

    More detailed information is available in the Biosecurity Regulation 2017, Biosecurity Order (Permitted Activities) 2017 and other documents at ... Generally, a control order will be made to prevent the introduction of, or

  4. Proposed Boneseed Control Order

    Proposed Biosecurity Regulation 2016 Proposed Boneseed Control Order. Biosecurity matter, biosecurity risk, or biosecurity impact to which the proposed control order relates It is proposed to establish a boneseed control zone ... Any person who deals

  5. PI904-PMA-V15-Weeds.indd

    Control orders Generally, a control order will be made by the Secretary or their delegate to prevent the introduction of, or to eradicate, particular biosecurity matter and provide exibility to respond ... A control order can be made quickly so that a

  6. Supplementary Information paper - weeds

    Weeds to be eradicated Control Order: Management of weeds that are the targets of approved eradication programs. ... being introduced to their land. • Weed must be suppressed as required by the Control Order.

  7. Enter document title here

    Control Order An order made by the Minister that establishes one or more control zones to prevent, eliminate, minimise or otherwise manage a biosecurity risk or biosecurity impact. ... Government regulation, through the administration of Acts and


    The following changes will be made to other legal instruments:. • Biosecurity (Rabies Vaccination) Control Order 2017: to prohibit vaccination for rabies without the approval of the Chief Veterinary Officer until such ... The following changes have

  9. Greater Sydney Peri Urban Biosecurity Program |Greater Sydney Peri Urban Biosecurity Program

    Greater Sydney Peri Urban Biosecurity Program. From 1 July 2017, the Biosecurity Act 2015 and its subordinate legislation will commence. ... and control biosecurity threats.

  10. Johne’s Disease (JD) in Cattle

    The 12 months Johne's - Biosecurity Assurance Scheme (J-BAS) transition arrangements for NSW beef producers ceases at 30 June 2017. ... CCA are urging beef producers to develop their farm biosecurity plans by 1 October 2017 when it’ll be a requirement

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