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Hamish Malcolm

Research Scientist, Marine Ecosystems

Hamish is a research scientist in the Marine Ecosystem Unit, Fisheries Research, and is based in Coffs Harbour. Hamish is primarily undertaking research with application in spatial planning and protected area management.

This includes integrating habitat and biotic patterns, especially fishes, as surrogates for biodiversity. Some of Hamish's research includes long-term (decadal) datasets for evaluating temporal patterns and effects of protected area management. He has also been involved in research on threatened species, including white shark and black rockcod. Hamish was originally a geologist, converting over to marine biology at James Cook University. As a marine scientist, he has previously worked for GBRMPA, Qld Fisheries, QLD Marine Parks, CSIRO Marine, and NSW Marine Parks (NSW NPWS).

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Email: hamish.malcolm@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Research branch: Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems

Location: Coffs Harbour