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Shannon Dundas

Research Officer, Vertebrate Pests

Shannon joined the Vertebrate Pest Research Unit (Biosecurity and Food Safety) within the NSW Department of Primary Industries as a Research Officer in May 2015. Her primary role from 2015-2020 was assessing waterfowl populations in NSW to provide annual quotas to the Game Licensing Unit. The project also seeks to improve our understanding of life history traits for waterfowl species by using satellite trackers to assess individual movements and nestboxes to establish nesting success. Shannon is still involved in co-coordinating and carrying out helicopter-based aerial surveys of waterfowl using small farm dams as well as drone surveys on larger waterbodies for the annual counts. In addition, she is involved with trapping and tagging waterfowl in the Riverina region. Shannon also assists with the annual Eastern Aerial Waterbird Survey run by University of NSW which is carried out in a fixed wing plane and involves counting all waterbird species along 10 bands covering most of Eastern Australia.

In September 2020, Shannon began working on a project in collaboration with the Saving Our Species program focusing on effective fox and wild dog control to protect malleefowl as well as livestock on private properties near Mt Hope in western NSW. She is also involved in the annual fixed-wing aerial kangaroo surveys carried out across NSW to provide an annual harvest quota.

Shannon has been an active member on the Orange Animal Ethics Committee since 2017 as a category B researcher member.

Shannon has previously been involved with a diverse range of research projects including habitat use by southwest carpet pythons, habitat use and diet of honey possums, assessment of fox diet in WA, target specificity of ground baiting to control foxes at an outdoor piggery and for species of conservation concern, impacts of native and introduced digging mammals on mycorrhizal fungi communities and impacts of drought-affected forest on assemblages of small mammals, reptiles and birds. She continues as an Adjunct Research Fellow at Murdoch University.

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Email: shannon.dundas@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Research branch: Animal Welfare

Location: OAI (Orange Ag Institute)