Compliance and biosecurity

African swine fever

African swine fever is spreading in eastern Europe and in China African swine fever (ASF) is a highly contagious viral disease of pigs that is continuing to spread from foci in eastern Europe and in China. The situation in each of these areas is challenging for the local veterinary authorities but if ASF becomes established, further international spread, including potentially to Australia, is possible.

Biosecurity Regulation 2017 amendments that impact the pig industry

Some amendments to the Biosecurity Regulation 2017 were made in December 2019.

The amendments that affect the pig industry include:

  • There are no longer restrictions preventing the movement of pigs from Queensland and from Western Australia and the Northern Territory north of the Tropic of Capricorn into New South Wales. This means any Brucellosis testing, declarations and certification previously required when moving pigs into New South Wales from these locations are no longer needed.

NSW legislation places an emphasis on 'shared responsibility'. Pig producers can also minimise the risk of porcine brucellosis by discharging their general biosecurity duty by, for example, preventing feral pig direct/indirect contact with their pigs to help reduce the risk of infection in commercial pigs.

For more information on Porcine Brucellosis please see the NSW DPI Brucellosis in pigs and the NSW Porcine Brucellosis Herd Accreditation Program webpages.

  • The definition of prohibited pig feed has been broadened beyond stock feed to include any material containing mammalian product, unless the feeding of the mammal product to the pig is otherwise authorised by the regulation.

Further information on how the amendment may affect you can be found on the FAQ webpage.

For more information on prohibited pig feed please see Primefact 637 Swill feeding.

For further information on the amendments please refer to the NSW DPI summary of the key amendments on the Biosecurity Amendment (Miscellaneous) Regulation 2019 webpage.