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Digital Agriculture

DPI Climate projects are addressing the adoption of Agtech to improve agricultural sustainability. Our pilot projects trial new technologies and provide information on data-led decisions.

Technology pilots for the Livestock, Horticulture and Fisheries industries

Climate Smart Pilots

The Climate Smart Pilots project is trialling digital technologies that improve the information generated on natural resources and climatic variability.

Integrating Agtech in NSW Farms

Farms of the Future

Farm connectivity, training and grants program designed to help producers adopt Agtech to assist them to boost productivity, increase their market competitiveness and improve sustainable use of resources in the agricultural sector, which includes water efficiency, drought preparedness and increasing resilience to climate change.

Digital Technology

NSW’s primary industries sector is worth $15.4 billion annually.  Yet, to continue to contribute to the state’s economic growth, the risks and opportunities presented by climate change need to be understood and adapted to.

Digital technology is seen as an important factor underpinning adaptation. The national research project Precision to Decision found that digital technologies offer immense opportunities in primary industries with an annual estimated productivity uplift potential of $20.3 billion to agriculture’s gross production value.

As temperatures warm, rainfall regimes change and seasons shift, technologies will allow greater early warnings, input control, and provide new ways to manage farming systems.

Many farmers see immediate benefits in terms of labour saving. In the livestock industry, manual jobs such as checking kilometres of stock watering points during drought can be halved when sensor technologies are used.

Lead agency

NSW DPI already plays an important role in facilitating the development of innovation into knowledge. By delivering practical demonstrations of digital technology and exploring novel options in managing climate variability, it will continue to do this, maximising productive digital adoption.

NSW DPI is uniquely positioned to achieve this by drawing on its leading scientists, relationships with external expertise, and by utilising its extensive research sites.

Digital Agriculture News and Case Studies


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Device Management App

Standing in the middle of a paddock, you know the device you installed last year is here somewhere, but where? The NSW DPI “Device Management App” allows you to search for devices