Refurbished State Forests picnic area vandalised

State Forests Bungleboori picnic area has become the victim of vandals only weeks after an upgrade began.

State Forests operations manager Mr John Whittall said State Forests was extremely disappointed that vandals had recently destroyed a barbecue even before upgrade works had been completed at Bungleboori picnic area in Newnes State Forest near Lithgow.

“A new brick barbecue was pulled apart and the barbecue plate was taken away,” he said.

State Forests Ranger Mr Gary Hile found the scene of destruction while on routine patrol work after a weekend.

“The majority of forest users take great care, enjoy and respect our wonderful forest resource, but instances like this ruin it for everyone,” Mr Whittall said.

“If this sort of wanton destruction continues it makes it difficult to justify building new barbecue facilities.”

The Bungleboori picnic area is being upgraded with the help of the work for the dole scheme.

Recently new toilet facilities, barbecue areas and picnic tables were installed at the picnic area. A fence is being constructed to keep traffic out of the main picnic area.

Mr Whittall said State Forests would increase surveillance of the Bungleboori picnic area and he appealed to anyone who sees people vandalising the area to report the incident to State Forests Bathurst office on (02) 6331 2044 or the local police.

Media contact: John Whittall on (02) 6331 2044.