Hammerhead shark Sphyrna spp

Distribution: Hammerhead sharks are a warm-temperate to tropical species of sharks with a wide ranging distribution. They range in depth from the surf line out to sea and from the surface down to at least 275m.

Size: The smooth and scalloped hammerheads may reach to 4.5m in length but great hammerheads may reach 6m in length.

Characteristics: Head with laterally expanded blades shaped like a hammer or mallet in profile and the first dorsal fin is moderate to large in size. Teeth small to moderate in size and blade like in shape. The colour of the hammerhead is light grey or brownish above becoming white below.   Smooth Hammerhead – front head profile without grooves. Scalloped Hammerhead – front head profile with distinct grooves. Great Hammerhead – front head profile lacking distinct grooves and the dorsal fin is high and straight.

Confusing species: None.

Fishing restrictions: Only smooth hammerheads may be taken. Great and scalloped hammerheads are protected species in NSW and must be released immediately with minimal harm.

See the Threatened Species for more information.