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Narrandera and its villages sit at the heart of the agricultural hub known as the Riverina. Perched beside the Murrumbidgee River and its corridor of red gum, Narrandera blends elegance, environment and history, bringing an oasis of tree lined streets, shady parks and gardens.

Narrandera Fisheries Centre (NFC) is a world-class fisheries research and aquaculture facility located adjacent to the Murrumbidgee River in southern inland NSW. Specialist facilities support native fish breeding, conservation, environmental surveys, NSW rivers management and community education.

NFC can produce millions of fingerlings per year. These fish - including Murray cod, trout cod, golden perch and silver perch - are stocked into NSW waterways to maintain and enhance populations of key native freshwater fish for recreational and conservation outcomes.

NFC boasts specialist laboratories, innovative fish-sampling equipment and modern aquaculture facilities. Recent infrastructure upgrades include modern wet and dry laboratories, microscopy rooms, a molecular laboratory with genetics and environmental DNA facilities, a temperature-controlled aquaria tank room, hatchery and sample-processing facilities.

The multi-disciplinary team at NFC includes staff with expertise in aquaculture, fisheries research and education. The Centre also hosts vocational placements and university collaborators.

Our research

Narrandera Fisheries Centre researchers deliver knowledge to empower management of fish in NSW.

Our facilities & services

Narrandera Fisheries Centre has a range of research, education, farming and community resources.

Visit, events & learn

Narrandera Fisheries Centre offers various event, visit and engagement activities for producers, students and the broader community.

Key Programs and Initiatives

Environmental DNA (eDNA)

Environmental DNA (eDNA) has revolutionized our ability to identify the presence and distributions of terrestrial and aquatic organisms.

Commonwealth Murray-Darling Basin Plan

The Commonwealth Murray-Darling Basin Plan seeks to establish a sustainable and long-term adaptive management framework for Basin water resources, optimising the social, economic and environmental outcomes from the use of water resources, and improving water security for all users of Basin water resources.

Fish Screens

DPI is helping water users install modern fish-protection screens. This technology protects 90% of native fish and eliminates debris from irrigation systems. It provides real benefits to both businesses and biodiversity.

Recreational Fishing Freshwater Trust

All money raised by the NSW Recreational Fishing Fee is placed into the Recreational Fishing Trusts and spent on improving recreational fishing in NSW

Research Station Request for Opportunity

Completing the Research Station Request for Opportunity form assists DPI staff to respond to requests against DPI availability on site.

Request for opportunity form

Our region, output & climate

The Western Riverina has some of the most highly productive agricultural land in the Murray Darling Basin. The landscape, which is largely made up of plains, supports a diverse range of agricultural industries that build on the reliable water supply, enhanced by irrigation districts. The main agricultural enterprises include broad-acre cropping (cereals, oilseed and pulses), beef and sheep grazing, intensive poultry and pigs, irrigation cropping (cotton, rice, maize), and rangeland grazing in the west. Irrigated agriculture (including cotton, rice, horticulture – citrus, grapes, nuts) is a key feature.

Perched along the Murrumbidgee River with corridors of red gum, Narrandera blends elegance, environment and history, bringing you an oasis of tree lined streets, shady parks and gardens. Narrandera is located in the Western Riverina which is an area richly diverse in agricultural commodities and highly innovative in the processing and development of food and beverage products. The area is particularly important for broadacre cropping, horticultural activities, beef and poultry

ProductionValue% Share of NSW
Sheep and lambs318,540,22523%
Cattle and calves314,799,41812%
Grapes - Wine production127,348,42956%
Total primary industries2,616,833,01522%

Data from sourced from ABS, ABARES & DPI 2021.

Our climate

Narrandera Fisheries Centre is located 6km east of Narrandera in the Riverina region of Southern NSW, sitting at an elevation of 433.6m above sea level. The average daily temperature in Narrandera for Summer is 32.5°C, and in Winter 14.9°C, however it can drop to as low as 9.9 degrees celsius. Narrandera experiences an average rainfall of 450mm annually.

Our history

The Narrandera Fisheries Centre , initially established as the Inland Fisheries Research Station,  was opened in 1962 as a research centre to study the breeding biology and ecology of inland aquatic systems. John Lake, an Australian pioneer in native inland fish research and breeding, was appointed biologist-in-charge. He played a key role in developing the research facilities to breed Murray cod, silver perch, golden perch and catfish, the major inland angling species.

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