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Our facilities & services

    Port Stephens has a range site facilities that are accessible to industry and the community including:

    • public conference and meeting facilities for hire;
    • production facilities for use and collaboration;
    • laboratory and diagnostic facilities.

    See below for more detail on our offerings and how to access them.

Public Facilities for Hire 

The PSFI has various conference rooms up to 50 pax available for public  hire for workshops and seminars with wifi and presentation technology

We can also provide,  on appointment, site tours and presentations

We link directly to the community via our fishing clinics and support of the I love Seafood Festival.

Research and Farming Facilities

Port Stephens has commercial hatcheries and fish production faciltities for culture and wild restocking along with :

  • Laboratories
  • Outdoor ponds
  • Broodstock tanks
  • Marine fish nursery facilities & grow-out tanks
  • Nutrition barn
  • Aquatic research aquarium & laboratory
  • Aquatic ecosystem shed & laboratory
  • Barotrauma Laboratory
  • Library Services
  • Oyster leases

In addition to this, PSFI boasts expertise and state-of-the-art freshwater fisheries research equipment including:

  • A fleet of electrofishing boats for fish community surveys.
  • Underwater acoustic cameras (DIDSON) which can monitor fish behaviour in dirty water or at night.
  • Autonomous hydraulic sensors (Sensor Fish) to determine the hydraulic stresses felt by fish as they pass weirs and dams.
  • An award winning barotrauma laboratory used to examine the impact of rapid decompression on fish as they pass hydropower and weir facilities.
  • Swimming flumes to investigate different design options for screens to prevent fish being lost from rivers at irrigation diversions.
  • A fully equipped laboratory for the identification of fish specimens and fish diseases.

Work with Us

If you would like to utilise our research facilities or services, or explore partner and co-location opportunities please fill out this Request for Opportunity Form.

Request for Opportunity