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Biological control for Xanthium spinosum (Bathurst Burr)


The BioHerbicide is biological control for Xanthium spinosum (Bathurst Burr) that uses naturally occurring spores which cause plant disease and plant death. The product is potentially less expensive to develop and apply compared to current alternatives. It is as effective as the current alternatives, and it is safe to use. The bioherbicide incorporates technology which overcomes the current performance limitation of biological controls requiring presence of moisture to be effective. NSW DPI has identified a range of further weeds for development of biological herbicide controls.


Stephen Johnson is a weed ecologist with NSW DPI in Orange looking at biological options to fight weeds.

Further Information

Please refer to the GATE website for further information on this research project.

Commercialisation of BioHerbicide

DPI is seeking commercial interest to collaborate for further development and licensing for commercialisation of the BioHerbicide. To enquire please click the link and complete the Request for Opportunity form.

Request for Opportunity form