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Macadamia Testbed - Alstonville

Opening in 2022 as a showcase of best practice management and technology for macadamia production.


The Macadamia Testbed and Demonstration Site is being established in 2022 in northern NSW, based the Wollongbar Primary Industries Institute. The Testbed is located across two locations: the Alstonville and Wollongbar stations and will be a showcase of best practice management and technology for macadamia  production. It will produce a commercial harvest but also be “research ready” for future research opportunities. ​

The Testbed site aims are to :

  • Demonstrate to producers the performance and value of macadamia varietals suitable for the region and industry;
  • Connect producers and demonstrate best practice management;
  • Increase community and stakeholder engagement; and
  • Provide education and training.

The best practice features of the Testbed site will include:

  • Mix of current commercial varietals and future demand varietals​
  • Comparative trellising arrays, irrigation systems and canopy systems​
  • Technology systems for water, soils and climate and tree production
  • Diagnostics for tree health, disease and pest management​
  • Data collation and analysis for performance monitoring ​
  • Ag tech trial opportunities for auto harvesting, robotics and crop assessment technologies
  • Demonstration of zero waste and low carbon approaches to production and bi product management

These features will be developed in consultation with a Producer Advisory Panel and peak bodies to ensure relevance to NSW and Australian production environment.

Opportunities for engagement

Opportunities are available to organisations to participate in a variety of on- site initiatives and in collaboration with DPI and others on the Testbed.

The Testbed has three elements and will be activated over stages:

  1. Stage 1 -  Alstonville site (6 blocks)  - this existing plantation will be exposed to a variety of treatments to assist and demonstrate to producers how to increase productivity, production longevity and quality
  2. Stage 2 - Wollongbar site (3 blocks) - this will be a greenfield plantation which can inform and assist new entrants to maximise productivity and address future market and environmental demands.
  3. Stage 3 -  Workforce & Education - A variety of producer education, workforce training and community activities and programs that will support regional industry development and capability will be rolled out concurrently with the activation of Stages 1 and 2.Allstonville blocks

Opportunities for technology companies include demonstration trials and collaborative R&D around the Testbed.  If you wish to apply to have your product displayed within the Testbed please fill out the Request for Opportunity Form 

Opportunities for producers include education days but also advisory into future design and new initiatives to be showcased at the Macadamia Testbed. For more information contact Kevin Quinlan, Leader Northern Horticulture.

Image : Alstonville Macadamia plot sites.

Request for opportunity

Expressions of Interest are open to organisations to participate in a variety of on- site initiatives and in collaboration with DPI and others on the Testbed.

Request for opportunity form