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Pig biosecurity and diseases

Biosecurity refers to the measures taken to prevent and control disease. This can happen within a property, at a farm-gate level, in an area or state, or even at a national level. Maintaining a high standard of biosecurity at all levels reduces the impact of disease, either by keeping it out entirely, or by reducing how far or severely it spreads. This is important for animal health and welfare, maintaining food safety and supply, and for the economic viability of primary industry businesses.

The Biosecurity Act 2015 (the Act) and the accompanying subordinate legislation came into force from 1st July 2017.  The Act introduces the concept of the general biosecurity duty which supports the principle of shared responsibility and means everyone must do what is reasonable for them to do to prevent, eliminate or minimise biosecurity risks. Under the Act you are expected to know about biosecurity risks associated with your industry, business, day-to-day work and hobbies.

Animal Biosecurity team

We are partners with Local Land Services in the delivery of animal biosecurity. They work with animal owners, animal industries, communities and other stakeholders to keep NSW animals and animal products healthy and safe.

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