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Planning and the environment

The keeping of pigs (including free range pigs) is classified as Intensive Livestock Agriculture and is prohibited in some land-use zones. If you are intending to own pigs for either commercial or hobby purposes (including pet pigs), you should consult your local council first.

Councils have the power to limit the number of pigs that may be kept on a property and to specify separation distances from sensitive community or environmental elements. All councils have a Local Environment Plan (LEP) and different geographical areas have designated Landuse classifications; for example, rural, residential or industrial. Landuse zones determine which activities are permissible. Council is also the consent authority for development application proposals.

Additionally, persons or corporations who operate an Intensive Livestock industry, including piggeries that are intended to accommodate more than 2,000 pigs or 200 breeding sows, is required by law to hold a licence under Section 48 of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO).

Agricultural Land Use Planning team

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Agricultural Land Use Planning (ALUP) team provide advice to planning authorities and industry groups; develop policy and influence our partner agency policy frameworks to foster NSW’s agricultural industry to grow in a sustainable and informed manner.

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Planning resources

Planning Guidelines - Intensive Livestock Agricultural Development

This guide is intended to assist applicants and planning authorities to understand the assessment requirements for intensive livestock developments, such as feedlots, poultry farms and pig farms.

Managing biosecurity risks in land use planning and development guide

The Guide outlines steps to be considered to ensure biosecurity is appropriately addressed during the planning and assessment of development proposals, particularly for proposed agricultural enterprises and activities and proposals that may impact on agricultural enterprises or industries.

Pork industry environmental guidelines

These guidelines provide a framework for managing the environmental issues associated with piggeries based on the latest research findings and management practices.

Licensing under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997

Learn more about environmental licensing and whether it applies to you