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Climate-Smart Farmer Stories

Stories from farmers across NSW who are adapting to climate change.

Under a shifting, yet uncertain climate we must push our agricultural systems to evolve. In finding the best way forward, where farms remain profitable while benefiting the environment, we need to understand the diversity of impacts. Equally it will require a lot of practical know-how from landholders.

These stories are farmers own experiences in adapting their land, farming systems and businesses. They tap into the energy and expertise of landholders who have already begun this journey. They demonstrate, for the benefit of the wider industry, how positive steps can be taken on farms to prosper as climatic conditions shift across NSW.

Ian and Pru Pearce - Stoneleigh Orchard

Enterprise: Apple and Cherry Orchard

Justin and Pip Jarrett - See Saw Wines

Enterprise: Wine grapes

Bruce Maynard - Willydah

Enterprise: Mixed grazing and cropping

Stacey Lugsdin - Warrendale

Enterprise: Self-replacing Merinos

Kevin and Ewan McAsh - OysterLife

Enterprise: Sydney Rock and Pacific Oysters

Juanita and John Hamparsum - Drayton

Enterprise: Cropping - Cotton, Canola, Wheat, Sorghum

Angus and Kelly Whyte - Wyndham Station

Enterprise: Mixed grazing

David Williams - Creebank Dairy

Enterprise: Jersey Dairy

Chris and Lee Hall - Hall Family Orchards

Enterprise: Cherries and Australian White fat lambs

Ross Arnett - Mulua Orchard

Enterprise: Maccadamia Orchard

Vito Mancini - Redbelly Citrus

Enterprise: Blood Orange Orchard

Glenn Morris - Billabong

Enterprise: Beef cattle

Sam and Prue Pincott - Holbrook Paddock Eggs

Enterprise: Free range eggs

Matthew Martin - Old Cobran Pastoral

Enterprise: Merino Stud and Beef Cattle

Scott Preisig and Belinda Blake - Merrylands Station

Enterprise: Dorpers and Wild Goats.

Peter and Darcy Skipworth - Cygnus Agriculture

Enterprise: Mixed livestock (beef and sheep) and dryland cropping.

Luke Winder - Tathra Place Free Range

Enterprise: Pigs, Poultry, Beef, Lamb

Martin Royds - Jillamatong

Enterprise: Beef cattle, pasture chickens.

The Big Shift Special Editions

A special 5-part series with NSW Local Land Services' The Big Shift podcast brings our Farmer Stories to life.

The Farmer Stories series was funded by NSW Department of Primary Industries' ‘Climate Smart Pilots - Demonstrating Adaptation Program’, through the Primary Industries Climate Change Research Strategy and the NSW Government’s Climate Change Fund.