About FisherMobile

FisherMobile is a secure mobile App that has been developed to enable the reporting of commercial fishing activity information by authorised fishers using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets/iPads.

FisherMobile currently allows authorised fishers to:

  • lodge catch and effort reports for non-quota based fishing activities
  • lodge real time fishing activity reports such as pre-fish, pre-land and/or post-land reports
  • lodge threatened and protected species reports
  • report lost and found gear reports
  • lodge nil returns
  • access quota balance information
  • view digital authority information (if opted in) for commercial fishing licences and fishing business endorsements
  • manage your PIN
  • view your FisherMobile activity log
  • change current user

In future, FisherMobile will also provide the following additional functionality to authorised fishers:

  • lodge quota based catch and effort reports

A feature of the FisherMobile App is that it has been personalised to retrieve and display information that is relevant to the logged in user. For example, catch and effort reports will only show that individual's relevant fishing businesses and respective endorsements for the selected fishing date, making it user friendly and easy to use. Refer to the user guides to learn more about how FisherMobile works.

FisherMobile specifications

FisherMobile utilises device independent technology.

FisherMobile has been purposely built to support occasional connected use (i.e. when internet access is restricted by a lack of coverage). For example, users can create a report whilst connected to the internet then move to an area of no internet coverage without losing any  pending reports.  Activity logs and unsubmitted pending reports are stored on the users device for later submission, with real time updates enabled once connectivity is re-established. FisherMobile users are not able to create or submit a report without internet connection.

A compatible mobile device is required in connection with any use of this service. Compatible mobile devices include iPhone, iPad (iOS 5.0+) and Android Phone/Tablet (4+) and the native browsers found on these devices. Third party browsers (downloaded) other than Chrome and Safari are not supported.

FisherMobile registration

In order to use FisherMobile, you will need to register - criteria for registration applies.

FisherMobile Login

FisherMobile user guides and demonstrations

Fisher Mobile user guides and video demonstrations have been developed to assist you with using FisherMobile services.

Download the FisherMobile App

Registered users can download the App to their smartphone or iPad/tablet as per the instructions below. Note that you will not be able to logon unless you have registered to use FisherMobile. Refer to the FisherMobile User Guides for instructional material including logging on and using FisherMobile functions.

Application Access and Home Screen

Fishing Activity Reporting

Catch and Effort

Frequently asked questions and FisherMobile trouble-shooting

You may find this section useful if looking for answers in relation to a list of frequently asked questions or possible errors or problems, and how to fix them.

If you have tried to resolve technical issues and are unable to do so, or if FisherMobile is unavailable, please refer to the Interim Fishing Activity Report and Oral Report Fact sheet below.

Further support

If further support is required on the use of the FisherMobile App, please refer to FishOnline contacts/support.

Last updated: 18 Apr 2019