Secure your floats to reduce marine litter

Fishing related litter not only causes environmental problems, it is also a bad look for the recreational fishing community. Some out dated methods of float fishing for pelagic fish species can cause marine pollution. Minimise marine pollution by using methods that don't litter the environment, this will keep our marine environment healthy to ensure quality fishing into the future.

Polystyrene cube

Polystyrene cube afixed to fishing line

Slit polystyrene cube attached to mainline by half hitch. The polystyrene is designed to break away on the bite. The polystyrene pieces drift away and become marine debris.


Breakaway Balloon Rig

Balloon attached by light nylon to swivel. This method is designed so that the balloon breaks away on the bite or when fighting a fish. The balloon drifts away and causes pollution.

If you MUST use a balloon, ensure it is securely attached so that it does not easily break away. If for any reason, the balloon breaks off, you must take immediate steps to retrieve it. If it is safe to do so.

Balloon Slider Rig

This balloon is attached using an 'ezi rig' (with a stop knot or float stopper set at preferred depth).

Best Practice - Properly Secured Float

Best Practice Float Rig

Float slides on line and is set at the preferred depth with a float stopper or stop knot. Float size can be selected to suit bait size.

The float remains attached to line at all times and is used over and over again.

There are many ways you can minimise your impact on the environment, make sure that you are aware of these.