Biosecurity Act 2015 No 24

An Act to provide modern, flexible tools and powers that allow effective, risk-based management of biosecurity in NSW. It will increase efficiency and decrease regulation in responding to biosecurity risks and provides a streamlined statutory framework to protect the NSW economy, environment and community from the negative impact of pests, diseases and weeds.

Wholly repealed Acts Partly repealed Acts

The 10 Acts being wholly repealed when the Biosecurity Act 2015 commences are:

  • Animal Diseases and Animal Pests (Emergency Outbreaks) Act 1991
  • Apiaries Act 1985
  • Deer Act 2006
  • Fertilisers Act 1985
  • Non-Indigenous Animals Act 1987
  • Noxious Weeds Act 1993
  • Plant Diseases Act 1924
  • Stock (Chemical Residues) Act 1975
  • Stock Diseases Act 1923
  • Stock Foods Act 1940

The Acts being partly repealed when the Biosecurity Act 2015 commences are:

  • Fisheries Management Act 1994 (Aquatic Biosecurity)
  • Stock Medicines Act 1989
  • Local Land Services Act 2013 (Part 10 Pests)
  • Wild Dog Destruction Act 1921

The Local Land Services Act 2013 (Part 10 Pests) will remain in place until further notice whilst the Government considers its response to the Natural Resource Commission Report into Pest Animal Management.