Report a pest or disease, or other biosecurity concern

Help protect NSW's community, environment and economy by reporting suspect or unusual pests and diseases and other biosecurity concerns.

Type of concern

How to report

Animal health (pest or disease), including aquatic animals

Call the Emergency Animal Disease Watch hotline

1800 675 888

Or contact a vet

Mass fish deaths: a 'fish kill'

Call the Fishers Watch hotline

1800 043 536

Bee disease or pest, nuisance bees or bee productsUse the online form

Or call the Exotic Plant Pest and Domestic Quarantine hotline

1800 084 881
Plant disease or pestUse the online form

Or call the Exotic Plant Pest hotline

1800 084 881
All other biosecurity concerns (animal, aquatic, bee, plant, weed, insect, chemicals etc.)Use the online form

Or call the NSW DPI Biosecurity helpline

1800 680 244

Not sure?

It's best to report anyway:

A shared responsibility

The Biosecurity Act 2015 and Biosecurity Regulation 2017 require people to report the presence, or suspected presence, of a pest, disease or anything else that presents a biosecurity risk in NSW.

Under the Act everyone has a general biosecurity duty and shares responsibility to protect NSW from biosecurity threats.

For example, emergency pests, diseases or other biosecurity emergencies must be reported immediately. These are known as prohibited matter or biosecurity events. Notifable pests and diseases must be reported within 1 working day.

Need help?

NSW DPI Biosecurity Helpline 1800 680 244