Light brown apple moth in citrus


Light brown apple moth, Epiphyas postvittana (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), is a pest of citrus and many other fruit crops in Australia. Orange varieties are particularly susceptible to attack. Light brown apple moth (LBAM) scars the fruit and causes fruit drop, and has been listed as a quarantine pest by all major overseas markets of Australian oranges. LBAM distribution in Australia is centred in the southern states of NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

The information in this publication is based on a 3 year research project during 2001-04 (funded by Australian Citrus Industry and Horticulture Australia Ltd) and on published literature. This illustrated Primefact describes the life cycle, temperature-dependent development, seasonal patterns, monitoring, and management of LBAM in citrus.


Primefact 216 First Edition

Published: Jun 2016