Media Releases

Iconic Blue Groper now protected in NSW

- Fishing; Ministerial

The NSW Government is taking steps to ensure the protection of NSW’s State Fish, the Blue Groper, with new changes to prohibit fishing a Blue Groper by any method.

Continued action on imported Red Fire Ants threat

- Biosecurity; Ministerial

The NSW Government is continuing to take swift action to the threat of imported Red Fire Ants with amendments to the Biosecurity (Fire Ants) Emergency Order.

Stinky stowaways found lurking in NSW luggage

- Biosecurity; Ministerial

The Government is asking travellers, arriving in NSW from Europe or Asia, to check their luggage for brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys.

NSW welcomes new national Varroa Mite management plan and funding to kick start industry implementation

- Biosecurity; Research & Development; Ministerial

The NSW Government has today welcomed the decision of the Varroa Mite National Management Group to approve the National Transition to Management Plan. The group, comprised of State and Federal governments, as well as beekeeping and pollination industry representatives have unanimously agreed to usher in a new phase for biosecurity management of Varroa mite.

The NSW Government establishes Hemp Industry Taskforce

- Agriculture; Research & Development; Ministerial

The NSW Government is continuing work to future proof NSW Agriculture production and support growers across all sectors with the establishment of the Hemp Industry Taskforce.

NSW Government’s Operation Victa stops fire ants at the border

- Biosecurity; Ministerial

The NSW Government has continued to take a hardline approach to the threat of imported red fire ants, as the Minister for Agriculture Tara Moriarty announced the successful results of Operation Victa over the past weekend.

Anglers reminded to follow the rules this summer

- Fishing; Ministerial

Recreational fishers are encouraged to avoid the heat from a fine or prosecution by following the rules fishing this summer.

A fisherman is holding a macquarie perch

From January 16 a three-month Section 8 fishing closure under the Fisheries Management Act 1994 (FMA) is in place in the Central Tablelands Region, in sections of the Winburndale Rivulet and its upstream tributaries, including Winburndale Dam.

With the 2023 festive season upon us, authorities are clamping down on illegal seafood sales in a joint operation between NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), the NSW Food Authority and NSW Police.

Eat more NSW seafood this Christmas – it’s delicious

- Fishing; Research & Development; Ministerial

This last week before Christmas Day is a great time for people to buy locally sourced New South Wales seafood which is known for being delicious, fresh and healthy.