Communique meeting 9 December 2016

19 October 2016

The Biosecurity Advisory Committee (the Committee) held its eighth meeting on 19 October 2016, in Sydney, NSW.

At this meeting, the Committee:

  • noted the significant work undertaken by the department in the preparation of statutory consultation documentation material;
  • discussed the proposed Biosecurity Regulation 2016, and noted that two additional regulations are being finalised to cover changes to the schedules within the Biosecurity Act 2016; and the National Livestock Identification System;
  • discussed the draft Regulatory Impact Statement and process undertaken in the preparation of economic analysis in accordance with government guidelines;
  • discussed the draft Biosecurity Manual that will also be made available for public consultation;
  • considered the proposed new biosecurity fees and charges; and
  • recommended additional communication material to cover key issues and potential areas of interest.

The Committee also discussed other aspects of the broader legislation reform project including training, systems development and drafting of revised policies and procedures.

The Committee acknowledged achievement against project milestones to meet delivery for implementation of the Act in early 2017.

The Committee agreed to meet again 9 December 2016.

Further information on the NSW Biosecurity Legislation Reform project.