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Fire ant stings are rarely life-threatening. People prone to allergic reactions could experience severe symptoms and should seek immediate medical attention.

When a nest is disturbed tens to hundreds of fire ants will swarm onto a person or animal within a few seconds and sting simultaneously.

Each ant delivers many stings causing the sensation that the body is on fire, and the painful burning sensation can last up to an hour.

Small pustules can form after being stung which can become itchy and infected.

If you're stung:

  • seek medical attention if you a prone to allergic reactions or experience symptoms of anaphylaxis
  • apply a cold compress or ice to the stings to relieve the swelling and pain
  • small blisters may form on your skin
  • leave the blisters intact and wash gently with soap and water.

The above guidance is general information and if in doubt, seek medical advice.

Alex Wild 5 minutes after being stung by fire ants Credit QLD DAFF

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Alex Wild 48 hours after being stung by fire ants. Credit QLD DAFF

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