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Red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta)

Information about fire ants and stopping their spread in NSW

NSW Biosecurity (Fire Ant) Emergency Order (No 3) 2024

Restrictions apply on the movement of fire ant carrier material. The revised Order:

  • Redefines the fire ant zones following a new detection in Currumbin Waters, QLD on 6 March 2024. More
  • Controls movement of fire ant carrier materials into NSW from the fire ant infested areas of QLD and NSW.
  • Controls movement of fire ant carrier materials from the Fire Ant Movement Control Areas in South Murwillumbah and Wardell

Anyone bringing organic mulch, compost, growing media, manure, soil, hay, straw, chaff, silage, potted plants, turf, agricultural equipment, earth moving equipment, sand, gravel, chitters, coal fines, coal stone, overburden and decomposed granite into NSW from Queensland must comply with the current NSW Biosecurity (Fire Ant) Emergency Order.

Read the Emergency Order Plain English Guide (PDF, 359.38 KB)

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