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Published 3 February 2022

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H2Cuts demonstration trailer

NSW DPI’s new H2Cuts demonstration trailer is a renewably powered mobile barber shop themed as a shearing shed. A partnership with Sustainable Salons allows free haircuts powered by hydrogen at field days and other events.

The H2Cuts trailer has been developed to initiate conversations with the agriculture sector as it explores pathways to reduce energy costs and move towards low or zero emissions energy sources.

The trailer demonstrates hydrogen fuel cell, solar photovoltaic and lithium ion battery storage technologies. Information about energy efficiency measures to reduce on-farm energy costs and emissions developed under the NSW Primary Industries Climate Change Research Strategy is also provided.

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h2 cuts hydrogen powered barber shop trailer

H2Cuts trailer energy technologyhydrogen fuel cells tanks and equipment

The key energy technology components being demonstrated in the H2Cuts trailer are a 2,000 watt hydrogen fuel cell (right hand cabinet), 800 watts of solar panels (on roof of the trailer), a 100Ah 24v lithium ion battery and a DC/AC power inverter (left hand cabinet).

Pure hydrogen gas is supplied by gas cylinder (green cylinders either side of cabinets), reacting with oxygen from the air inside the fuel cell to create electrons (power). Variable output voltage from the hydrogen fuel cell is corrected and filtered to 26.8v DC. DC power is supplied to a DC/AC inverter and 240v AC power is supplied from the inverter to the power outlets, providing a maximum load of 2,000 watts. In light load conditions excess power is used to charge the battery.

hydrogen fuel cell diagram

How a hydrogen fuel cell works

The engineer who built the system for the H2Cuts trailer explains how the hydrogen fuel cell works in the following video:

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