Plant biosecurity

NSW Department of Primary Industries has a lead role in preventing, responding to, and overseeing the recovery from invasion or spread of plant pests and diseases. NSW DPI works closely with plant industries, other jurisdictions and the general public to put sound biosecurity policies in place, helping to maintain and expand market access for the state's primary producers.

Restrictions on the movement of plants, plant products, soil and equipment across Australia.

Certification Assurance schemes were developed to allow a business to self-certify its produce to allow interstate and intrastate trade by meeting the destinations quarantine requirements. Different produce and pests have different requirements such as chemical treatments or post-harvest inspections.

If you suspect the presence of an exotic plant disease or pest, or if you see unusual symptoms on your plants, immediately phone the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline 1800 084 881.

An exotic plant pest is a disease causing organism (bacteria, virus, fungus) or an invertebrate (insect, mite, snail, nematode) not present in NSW which damages plants or plant products.