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Grafton welcomes first calf of the 2023 SMB cohort
30 Jun 2023

Grafton farm staff have welcomed the first Southern Multi Breed project calf of the 2023 season.

Immune competent cattle could be the economic advantage for beef industry
06 Apr 2023

Beef producers could improve the health and welfare of cattle by simply having the right tools to select immune competence traits in their cattle, according to researchers.

Weaning complete for third calf cohort
03 Mar 2023

Weaning has been completed for the third cohort of calves (T calves) across all five sites. Along with it, crucial data has been recorded.

Overlay project hopes to uncover new cow body composition traits
01 Jan 2023

AGBU’s Dr Matt Wolcott has found an opportunity with the SMB population to try and fill a crucial gap in understanding around female productivity.

Positive turnout for Efficient Beef Field Day
06 Nov 2022

Cattle producers and key representatives went behind the scenes of two major beef industry research projects running in collaboration with NSW DPI to learn about their latest developments.

Beef researchers look to decipher genetic key to high female fertility
09 Jul 2022

NSW Department of Primary Industries researchers involved in the Southern Multi Breed project hope to improve herd fertility performance by unlocking genetic patterns in heifer puberty.

Upcoming calving boom to mark major project milestone
04 Jun 2022

The first-generation of heifers bred by the Southern Multi Breed project are just days away from calving, with 521 expected to calve beginning in mid-July.