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Linkage Projects

Adults Mixed BreedThe Southern Multi Breed project cattle are providing further research opportunities for various projects. Here are some of the overlay projects utilising the SMB herd:

Low Methane Beef Cattle Project

Graziers in NSW will be able to select for and breed low methane producing cattle, thanks to a multi-million dollar research project involving the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Meat, and Livestock Australia, the University of New England, and Angus Australia. Learn more

Immune Competence Project

Livestock producers will be provided with a genetic tool to help reduce disease incidence and lessen their reliance on antibiotics to treat disease thanks to a collaboration with CSIRO, involving cattle from the Southern Multi Breed project. Learn more

Cow Body Composition

Led by AGBU, Australia’s genetics institute for agriculture, data is being gathered from the SMB herd that could provide a more complete understanding of the genetics of cow body condition and its association with reproductive performance, thereby helping breeders to make better informed selection decisions. Learn more