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Outlining what to look for, where to look and how to contact us.


Don't try to control or treat suspected fire ants yourself. Eradication requires direct supervision by NSW DPI to apply the expert treatment and checks. Treating them yourself or calling a pest controller could cause them to spread.

Even if you're not sure, call the NSW Biosecurity Helpline on 1800 680 244 or contact NSW DPI using the online form.

What to look for

Unless you disturb a fire ant nest, you are more likely to see the nests before you see the ants.

What happens if fire ants are found on your land?

NSW DPI will work with the National Fire Ants Eradication Program to search the surrounding areas, treat the ants and stop their spread, at no cost to the owners or occupiers.

A temporary requirement to only move certain materials and items off the property under permitted conditions could be put in place while the ants are controlled.

The ants would be treated and monitored until it was clear they had been eradicated.

Report a suspicious ant sighting

Report any suspicious ant sightings such as Red Imported Fire Ants or Yellow Crazy Ants immediately, as these pests can spread rapidly.

Please be careful and do not try to treat the infestation yourself as some ants are known to inflict painful bites and stings.

See how to collect fire ants for instructions on how to safely collect a sample or take photos.

Not sure?

It’s best to report anyway:

Seen them? Contact us.

Use the online form for any suspicious sightings or call 1800 680 244.