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Nests and where to look

Nests are:

  • mounds or flattish patches of soil with no obvious entrance holes
  • up to 40 cm high
  • higher in colder weather.

Find them

Around utility pits like water and gas meters, near water sources and along footpaths and driveways.

In rural areas

Look around dams and irrigation lines, on the edges of cultivated land and along fence lines and cropped land.

Small fire ant nests

May not be obvious and you may find them in gardens, on roadsides or on landslips. They also be found on eroded or exposed soil caused by earthworks.


Fire ants can be found next to and under timber, plant pots, pavers, rocks, logs or bricks.


Nests have been found in piles of organic matter and in hay bales.


Fire ant mounds have no obvious entrance and can be found in rural, residential and industrial areas.

Seen them? Contact us.

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