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Action 5. Council managed estuarine infrastructure

Council managed estuarine infrastructure

Council Managed Estuarine InfrastructureForeshore structures situated next to public land such as jetties, pontoons and mangrove boardwalks are key assets used by community.

Some of these structures have been damaged during the 2022 floods, leaving areas unusable and unsafe for the community and impacting the natural environment.

Councils, public authorities and public land managers can also help improve the resilience of coastal floodplain and estuarine ecosystems to flooding by how they manage some outdated and aging floodplain drainage infrastructure.

The NEAP Council Managed Estuarine Infrastructure Action will support projects to remove, repair, modify or upgrade these types of infrastructure to improve their direct impacts on the environment and increase its resilience to impacts from future floods.

Project delivery

Funding for these projects will generally be provided through a grant program. Fisheries will discuss potential projects with prospective applicants and request that they apply. Applications will be assessed on merit. For further information, follow the NEAP Grant program.