With increasing demand for high quality seafood, aquaculture is a growing industry in NSW. The Aquaculture Management and Research sections of the department are responsible for working with aquaculture industries, the community and other agencies to ensure aquaculture develops in a sustainable manner.

We have conducted extensive research for farming species such as oysters, Silver Perch, and marine fish (Snapper, Mulloway and Yellowtail Kingfish) and support the transfer of this technology to industry. Aquaculture development in NSW can provide employment and economic growth in rural NSW and support the future food security needs of the state. Find about more about Aquaculture.

Social and Economic Contributions of Aquaculture to NSW

This research addresses two key information gaps about the role of aquaculture in NSW and its regions.

Healthy Estuaries for Healthy Oysters Guidelines

The Healthy Estuaries for Healthy Oysters Guidelines provide stakeholder advice about development in close proximity to oyster aquaculture estuaries.