Emergency management

Our role

The department has a range of responsibilities to prevent, prepare, respond to and help recover from biosecurity (animal and plant) including locusts, natural disaster and other emergencies.

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Reporting emergenciesTelephone
Life threatening emergencies, including bush fires Dial - 000
NSW State Emergency Service (SES) For emergency help in floods and storms call 132 500
Emergency animal diseases Hotline - 1800 675 888 (24 hours)
Emergency plant pest reporting Hotline - 1800 084 881
Aquatic pests and diseasesHotline - 1800 675 888 (24 hours)
Australian Maritime Safety Authority Hotline - 1800 641 792 (24 hours)
Additional informationTelephone
Local Land Service (LLS) To report locusts and agricultural damage in natural disasters call 1300 795 299
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