Responsible fishing guidelines

NSW DPI promotes responsible fishing practices at all times. Recreational fishers are encouraged to adopt the following set of guidelines to minimise impact on the environment and other members of the community:

  • Reduce wildlife injuries by attending your lines and avoid bird feeding areas.
  • Only catch sufficient fish for your immediate needs. Release all others using best practice catch and release techniques. Remember all fish, including scavengers, are important to the ecosystem.
  • If you retain your catch, dispatch all fish and invertebrates swiftly and humanely. It is recommended that you do not hold the fish in keeper nets before they are dispatched. To avoid wastage always chill your catch immediately with ice.
  • Dispose of all litter and fish waste responsibly.
  • Be considerate of others and keep noise to a minimum, especially in residential areas. Consider other users (eg swimmers, boaters etc), act responsibly in their presence and try to avoid busy areas.
  • Reduce wildlife injuries by attending your lines and avoid bird feeding areas.
  • Use environmentally friendly fishing tackle such as lead alternative sinkers, biodegradable line, and non-stainless hooks where possible.
  • Act responsibly when you have reached your bag limit and you remain in the fishing grounds. Ensure any additional fish caught have the best chance of survival on release. If you are fishing in deep water, consider moving to a different location to reduce potential discard mortality.
  • Do not interfere with commercial fishing activities or commercial fishing gear.
  • Be safe when you fish and do not take any undue risks.

If you suspect illegal fishing activity contact your local NSW DPI fisheries office or fishers watch phone line on free call 1800 043 536


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