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Farms of the Future Pilot Programs

Extended Pilot Program

The extended pilot program, January 2022 to March 2024, aimed to facilitate tech-enabled production and monitoring through improved connectivity and installation of sensor equipment which support increased productivity, competitiveness, job creation and sustainable use of resources in agriculture.

The extension program had two core streams of investment:

  • Extension and Capacity Building: the development and roll-out of a multifaceted education and capacity building campaign aimed at building farmer and supplier knowledge of the benefits and use of technology in agriculture.
  • Grants: The grants program closed on 31 August 2023.

The program had 11 target local government areas (LGAs) in rural and regional NSW. They included, Carrathool, Griffith and Leeton, Armidale, Moree Plains and Narrabri, Orange and Cabonne, Ballina, Byron and Lismore.

During a ten-month period spanning from August 2022 to June 2023, more than 1000 farmers successfully completed the "Monitoring your farm with Agtech" training program. Among them, 375 participants successfully secured $9.7 million in funding through the Farms of the Future grant program. The funds were utilised to procure approved connectivity solutions and cutting-edge digital Agtech devices, signifying a significant leap forward in the adoption of agricultural technology in NSW.

Pilot Program

The Farms of the Future pilot tested options for the NSW Government in the development of the proposal for the expanded program. The three pilot farms provided an opportunity to test technology options in partnership with farms and communities, providing a place for producers to experience Agtech working on site in commercial farming environments.

This involved:

  • Deployment of a wide range of commercially available connectivity solutions and field sensor technology across various agricultural sectors on three farms in Narromine, Coonamble and Blayney.
  • A development and education program for producers in the pilot farm regions, providing access to a range of digital resources and information.
  • Virtual tours of the three pilot farms, that showcased the various sensor technologies and insights from the farmers and subject matter experts. These virtual tours also provided interested farmers and agribusinesses access to the Agtech providers involved.

Agtech Pilot Farms

Agtech Pilot Farm Coonamble

Interview and farm Agtech overview with Brian Ditchfield, farm collaborator from Coonamble, showcasing the technology implemented on his livestock and dryland cropping enterprise.

Agtech Pilot Farm Narromine

Interview and farm Agtech overview with Rob Tuck, farm collaborator from Narromine. Showcasing the technology implemented on his livestock, dryland cropping and irrigated summer crop enterprise.

Agtech Pilot Farm Blayney

Interview and farm Agtech overview with James Crossing, farm collaborator from Panuara, near Blayney. Showcasing the technology implemented on his livestock and irrigated vineyard enterprise.

Agtech Pilot Farm Webinars

Discover an array of digital resources tailored to showcase cutting-edge on-farm technology. Our our 3-part webinar series and immersive virtual farm walks, offering producers a firsthand glimpse into innovative practices. Explore the firsthand experiences of farmers and unlock the myriad benefits for your farming endeavors.


This program is funded by the Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund.