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Crustaceans include a diverse group of invertebrates such as lobsters, crayfish, crabs and barnacles with a large number calling the NSW marine environment home. However, there are several non-native crustaceans, such as the 5 crabs below, that have been identified as potential pests with a high risk of establishment in NSW. These crustaceans are all listed under NSW Biosecurity legislation due to the serious impacts they could have on local biodiversity should they be introduced.

To date, the Asian shore crab, Brush-clawed shore crab, and Chinese mitten crab all remain exotic to Australia. However, the Asian paddle crab has previously been found in South Australia and the European green crab has been found in several states across Australia including NSW.

Learn to recognise, and be aware of, the below pests so you can report any suspected new sighting and take actions to help reduce the risks of these species spreading in or into NSW.