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Bivalve Molluscs

Bivalve molluscs are invertebrates with a two-part hinged shell and include oysters, mussels, pipis, cockles, scallops and clams. NSW freshwater and marine waterways are home to many native bivalves. To protect NSW biodiversity, we are on the lookout for several potential threats from non-native species.

The Pacific oyster is found in NSW having been introduced into our waterways in the 1980s. Other species including Asian date or bag mussel, Asian green mussel, Black-striped mussel and Soft-shelled clam are currently found in other parts of Australia but not NSW. The Asian basket clam is currently not established in Australia.

Early detection increases the chances of a successful response to a marine pest invasion. Learn to recognise, and be aware of, the below potential pests so you can report any suspected new sighting take actions to minimise entry and spread in NSW.