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Importing and permits

Importation of fish

NSW DPIRD maintains a list of freshwater fish species which cannot be imported (live) into NSW without a specific importation permit. These are species which have been identified as potentially posing a significant threat to native wildlife, ecosystems, human health or the State's aquaculture industries and are listed under biosecurity legislation:

Aquaculture permit requirements for cultivation of ornamental fish

Any person who cultivates ornamental fish with a view to sale in a facility that holds 10,000 litres or more must hold an aquaculture permit.

Under the definition of sell in Section 4 of the Fisheries Management Act 1994, sell also includes to barter or exchange and to offer or expose for sale.

For details on Aquaculture Permits and how to obtain one please see our Aquaculture webpages or contact the Aquaculture Administration section on (02) 4982 1232.